Club or Unit Affiliation / DOJO (branch or area) Affiliation.

1) Club or Unit Affiliation
Instructor/instructors having a reasonably sound presence in an area, branch or dojo may be allowed to have Club or Unit or Branch or Area Affiliation from IHSKFI /MKAI(H.Q.) In such cases permission may be granted to form IHSKFI/MKAI branch in that particular District. Such District body may offer affiliation to other instructor(s) from that whole district, interested to join IHSKFI/MKAI from that district, on behalf of IHSKFI/MKAI. The district body in such cases may fix a reasonable affiliation fees from such interested person or group from that district. The decision in this regard will be taken by the Chief / Committee of IHSKFI for Kolkata District /MKAI for Kolkata District

2) Individual Dojo Affiliation
Individual Dojo (Branch Affiliation) is eligible to get affiliation from IHSKFI for Kolkata District /MKAI for Kolkata District . An Instructor operating only a single dojo or a few dojos only should get his/her dojo(s) affiliated under Individual Dojo affiliation scheme. In such case he/she has to pay yearly affiliation fee for each dojo.

Conditions for an Affiliated Branch
A Dojo should be run by a Black Belt (Minimum Shodan) authorized instructor. In special cases junior students can run such a center, but he/she must be under a Black Belt Instructor having a valid authorized instructor´s license of IHSKFI/MKAI.