Mission of our karate IHSKFI, MKAI Federation / Association

We have great pleasure to inform you that we are the pioneer in the name of International Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation of India (IHSKFI) and Martial Arts of karate-Do Association in India (MKAI), and have established and running as a Non-profitable Martial Arts and Shitoryu Karate Organization in India. We have established our above mentioned Federation / Association, in the year ‘2014’. Our motto and principle is very clear for a Non-Political, Non-Partial, and Anti-Corruption Martial Arts and Shitoryu Karate Organization all across the country, in India. Moreover, we are practicing both Traditional and Sports Karate and getting a very good moral and physical support from different organizations and from the various parts of our country. It would be of immense pleasure to inform the entire sports lover, Martial artists and the other Karate practitioners in India that of your whole hearted support and kind co-operation will add with us then it will be very easy for us to make a crystal clear and elite class karate family in India. In future our IHSKFI, MKAI karate Federation / Association will become a big Organization and our above mentioned principles create a new history to all across the country. We are looking for your kind co-operation, mental support /physical support and attention.


Mission- 1) We welcome to all our IHSKFI, MKAI members and also, welcome those who are willing to come from their different Styles/Organizations and the various parts of their different State / District / Club in India.

Mission- 2) Checking the credentials of the members present and the members who will be present in future. The credentials of the members present are duly checked and found to be correct.

Mission- 3) Keeping all the records, data, notice and information from the date of the members who have joined or going to join in our Federation / Association, at our Administrative and Secretariat Office. The notice calling for any progrmme or meeting, which is circulated in sufficient time earlier to the members of our IHSKFI, MKAI karate Federation / Association, is recorded and kept at the registered office.


Mission- 4) Discussion regarding dissatisfied and exploited members of the previous karate organization and from their respectable State / District / Club and the members for their regular indulgence in Politics, Partiality, Extreme Corruption, Misdirection and Misconstruction and disgraceful behavior. The Karate STYLE HEAD’S, SHIHAN’S, SENSEI’S and OTHER SPORTS RELATED EXPERTS of the different Organization are welcome to represent or share their own experience, knowledge and un-clustered mind to support our new Anti-Corruption and Non-Political IHSKFI, MKAI karate Organization in India. For further discussion of the above mentioned matters along with past, present and upcoming the most Glorious and Shiningly Vivid karate Society to establish with a new Slogan of Non-Political, Non-partial and Anti-Corruption karate Organization in India. The above mentioned ideas may be followed by all across the country, to enhance the potentiality of karate and karate-do for our next generation to come.

Mission- 5) To promote on a regular basis for good character development, education of traditional karate and the elite class of karate and karate-do through our training Camps, Seminars, Workshop, Championship and other functional activities to the various locations in our Country and Abroad. People will enrich their individual performance level as members, students and Instructors of our Federation / Association and can probably uplift or elevate to become an elite class of IHSKFI / MKAI certificate holders. With all the above mentioned good habits of our organization members will become a better human being in the years to come.


Mission- 6) To take initiative for proper planning and action of new ideas expected from each IHSKFI / MKAI Executives and other members of our Organization, to increase the Federation / Association funds from various functional activities. However, the Federation / Association will run very Smoothly and Consistently with passing of new acceptable ideas, relationship and sharing knowledge of each other. Every possibility will be looked into and will be finalized with proper discussion in the Executive or Governing Body meeting. However, founder of the Federation / Association will provide their Portfolio, Chair and Dignity, but Protocol has to be maintained by them through their work ethics and honesty.