We welcome all the students and instructors to our organization International Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation Of India and Martial Arts Of Karate-Do Association Of India For Kolkata District who desire to be a “Karate-Do Instructor”. Teaching martial arts is a big responsibility as it is an art of perfecting one’s character. The martial arts teacher also has a great social and moral responsibility towards the society as he/she is preparing a person as a mature martial artist. So the teaching and approach established in the student must be in the right way so he/she becomes an asset to the society and not a threat.

Earning in Martial arts is financially equivalent to the other professions of teaching. It depends on your hard work, study and approach towards the profession how well you study and how well you teach the people so it becomes helpful to them.

You cannot be a millionaire through teaching martial arts, but you can have a rewarding and a satisfying life. When you find your young students turning into mature and responsible people of the society it’s your contribution to the society.

After your testing and evaluation we shall grant you license to teach and instruct on behalf of our organization. A martial arts instructor teaches people all aspects of a martial art, from tactics, self-defense, physical conditioning, philosophy and history.

We offer following courses for people wish to learn and train with us:-

Through our organization you can also conduct or apply for –

Group classes.
Private classes
Karate Teacher in a school
If anyone wishes to join us and be the Instructor of our organization can contact us