We have two groups of students below 18 years, “Karate Kids” from the age of 3 to 13 years and another of “Cadets and Juniors” from age 14 to 19 years old. We teach them from the basics to advanced Karate techniques later on, thereby ensuring a strong physical, mental and moral development. The Karate Kids, Cadets and juniors of our organization are successfully performing at many events in their schools and in competitions. We concentrate on the development of each and every student because every student is precious to us. We have many parents confiding that their kids are performing better in their academic as well as sports and general life with the help of Karate-Do training.

We regularly arrange KATA & KUMITE competitions at various levels with teams participating from our club and other dojos in which many of our students excel which make us proud. The children have lots of energy and we channelize their energy for their physical and mental development. We have often seen that children imitate martial art films of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or demonstrations of martial arts on television through the various serials and cartoons. If a child shows an interest in martial arts there is a question which comes to one’s mind, which can be as follows:

What benefits will someone receive from karate training?


At our organization your child can enjoy regular exercise in a friendly and encouraging environment. Karate can also help improve a child’s co-ordination and flexibility. We are aware that a child’s body is still growing, and therefore their training is tailored so that there are no exercises which would be dangerous to their physical development.

Incorporated into our training is a striving towards positive personal attributes such as discipline, self control, patience, confidence and respect. The grading system is a great tool for encouraging goal-driven achievements and improving self-confidence; whilst the higher grades are a reminder of how one should always keep “striving for excellence always”. At our organization we encourage the junior grades to look up to the higher grades and we expect the senior grades to look after and set an example to the lower grades. Respect for one another, and ourselves, is an important part of our ethos.

Karate is a great way to help your child build respect, both for themselves and for the people around them. Students are encouraged to respect and look after each other, and they are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, especially when training with a partner. The grading system encourages focus, as each child strives to attain their next grade. All our belts are earned through hard work, so when your child receives their next grade they will have gained something they can be truly proud of.

Karate was created and developed for self defense. Our primary aim at Japan Karate-Do Nobukawa-Ha Shito-Ryu Kai-India (Shito-Ryu Karate-Do International Renshikan) is to teach our students those self-defense skills. We develop these from the most basic level, teaching awareness and stressing that they should try to avoid confrontation wherever possible. It is also explained that these skills are only to be used in self-defense, and should never be used in an offensive manner. Karate is never to be used for instigating violence, only in the prevention of harm to one’s self or family.

As well as the positive physical and mental attributes it is important that our students have fun whilst training. Karate is an enjoyable activity that gets children away from the television and computers and doing something more constructive whilst still having fun!