Vision of our karate IHSKFI, MKAI Federation / Association

We have great pleasure to inform you that we are the pioneer in the name of International Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation of India (IHSKFI) and Martial Arts of karate-Do Association in India (MKAI), and have established and running as a Non-profitable Martial Arts and Shitoryu Karate Organization in India. We have established our above mentioned Federation / Association, in the year ‘2014’. Our motto and principle is very clear for a Non-Political, Non-Partial, and Anti-Corruption Martial Arts and Shitoryu Karate Organization all across the country, in India. Moreover, we are practicing both Traditional and Sports Karate and getting a very good moral and physical support from different organizations and from the various parts of our country. It would be of immense pleasure to inform the entire sports loverMartial artists and the other Karate practitioners in India that of your whole hearted support and kind co-operation will add with us then it will be very easy for us to make a crystal clear and elite class karate family in India. In future our IHSKFI, MKAI karate Federation / Association will become a big Organization and our above mentioned principles create a new history to all across the country. We are looking for your kind co-operation, mental support /physical support and attention.

Vision 1) Eligible candidates will be selected for the National, International and World Championship with due notification to the Federation / Association and will recommended for financial support in favour of real talented candidates. The Governing Body of the Federation / Association will decide the exact amount of money to be given in favour of the appropriate candidate.

Selection of the eligible candidates for the National, International and World Championship will also duly notify to the Federation / Association and will have to arrange a complete karate kit (Track Suit, T-Shirt, Karate Uniform, Gloves AKA/AO, Gum shield, Head Guard, Growing Guard and Shinbone Guard)for the above mentioned Championships. A player who reaches or enters both Kata / Kumite and Seai will be declared fit to meet the International Championship. Candidate’s names will be declared by the National or International Press Report along with their winning Trophies / Medals and Mementos, in the various National or World level championships.

Vision 2) Technical seminar, DAN grading, General Training, Referee and Judgeship course, examination and Championship will be conducted every year by the Technical Committee and Senior qualified National, International Referee/Judge, to improve Martial Arts skills and body tempered individually. The above mentioned ideas and qualities will enhance the benefit of our Federation / Association members with step by step their regular rectification of good character development, education of traditional karate and the elite class of karate and karate-do from our Technical seminar, DAN grading, Training, Referee and Judgeship course, examination and Championship and ultimately will promote themselves to the World standard. Federation / Association plan is to conduct and implement the new ideas for more better formation, to arrange National and International level of advanced training camp, workshop, DAN grading, Referee and Judgeship course, examination by World class Foreign Instructors/ Masters from IHSKF, WKF, JKF level recognises to make our technical part more strong and reach greater heights. With those great ideas and qualities people can make and maintain a strong physique and better mind. On a regular basis our Federation / Association executive members will sit for different type of Martial Arts training camp and workshop, by the IHSKFI / MKAI top class Masters, or invitee from recognised Federation for actual karate terminology and its pronunciations.

Vision- 3) Individual Tournaments to be arranged from each State / District / Club once a year for one fiscal year, and it will be notified to the Federation / Association before and after the particular function. All the activities will be supervised and under strict observation by the Governing Body of IHSKFI / MKAI Federation / Association.



  1. To prepare our students for proper both traditional and sports karate knowledge and activities, under the super guidance by best expert.
  2. To cut-out the barriers of politics and corruption.
  3. Friendship and friendly atmosphere.
  4. Our motto is to pull out potential and ideology for our traditional / sports karate and friendly attitude.
  5. A strong anti-corrupt organization, which will be crystal clear, transparent and visible.
  6. We need to learn from each person (IHSKFI, MKAI Committeemen and Administration) having real knowledge and their expertise.